Casa Margarita is situated on Tofo beach:

Described as 'the next Goa', Tofo Beach is in the Inhambane Province of Mozambique. It has definitely become a hotspot for young travellers with beautiful stretches of beach, a friendly laid-back atmosphere, good restaurants, an entertaining nightlife and some great diving and snorkelling sites.

There are many restaurants in Tofo, most specialising in seafood and peri-peri spiced dishes.

There are also a number of beach bars and a bustling nightlife. Those looking to get away from the tourist crowds can find local taverns on the edge of town.

Of course, the main draw of Tofo is the natural beauty, with pristine beaches perfect for swimming, diving, and watersports like surfing, kitesurfing and bodyboarding.

The area is a scuba diving hotspot, with popular sites like Manta Reef, and the chance to spot humpback whales, reef sharks, and whale sharks. Beware of jellyfish though, as giant Portuguese Man-of-War float through in swarms.

Tofo has a market in the centre of town, and you can buy local art on the beachfront. However, those looking for culture and history will be disappointed.

Transport: Tofo Beach is small and can be easily explored on foot.

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